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Enrollment Requirements

Holy Trinity School welcomes persons of any race, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities.

Respect, inclusion, and equality are encouraged for everyone. The principal and faculty are sensitive and realistic about enrolling students who are likely to benefit from the academic program of the school.


Holy Trinity School gives preference to siblings of current students, children of faculty and staff, and parishioners of Holy Trinity Parish.

Parents of students enrolling for the first time shall provide birth, baptismal, and medical records, which indicate the completion of a physical and the necessary immunization required for school entrance.

Parents shall complete an application form and state any medical, physical, emotional, or academic needs, which may require special attention. An emergency card must be completed.


Students entering from another school must bring their last report card or some other indication of their placement in their present school. More extensive records may be obtained later. The student will be asked to spend 3 days shadowing the preferred class. The parent should fill out a record release form to initiate the transfer process.

Please realize all acceptances are conditional and rooted in the student’s ability to adhere to rules and regulations as outlined in the student handbook. Further condition is dependent upon the school’s ability to provide the proper academic program suited for the needs of each child. The principal shall make final decisions in all matters regarding discernment.

Parents of a student entering Holy Trinity for the first time shall provide the student’s health records, which indicate the completion of a recent physical examination and the necessary immunization(s) required for school entrance.The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires specific immunizations for students at particular grade levels. The Department of Education shall keep a current listing of the required immunizations, and the head of school shall be familiar with those requirements.Physical examinations are also required at three or four-year intervals after a student’s physical examination upon entrance into a school. (For example, during kindergarten, fourth grade and seventh grade) Where appropriate, the principal should follow the guidelines governing the public school district in which the school is located to identify grade levels in which student physical examinations should be conducted.

Physical exams are  required upon entering kindergarten, fourth grade and seventh grade. Students entering the seventh grade must receive the MMR Booster #2 (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) before the first day of school.


School entrance age shall be the same as that determined by the public school district in which the Catholic school resides. This age for Holy Trinity is 5 year's old before September 1st for any child entering Kindergarten. Pre-school students need to be 3 year's old before September 1st and 4 year's old before September 1st. Ages of students in other grades shall be determined in the same way. Submission of a last report card is necessary. The parent shall sign a Release of Records Form at either school to initiate the transfer process.

Students from non-traditional or alternative educational programs; i.e., home schooling may be admitted when parents have provided a written certification of the child’s entry level readiness from their local school superintendent. Assessment of program readiness shall be made by Holy Trinity School.


2024-2025 School Year

Kindergarten through grade 8 



5 Days                          3 Days ( Monday, Wednesday, Friday)                               2 Days ( Tuesday, Thursday)

$5,600.00                      $4,350.00                                                                      $3,350.00

Enrollment Fee $350.00

Kindergarten - grade 8

Enrollment Fee $400.00


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