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About Holy Trinity School


Holy Trinity School formerly St. Jeane Baptiste was established in 2000. The name was changed after the closer and merger of three local parishes; St. Williams, St. Elizabeth's and St. Jean Baptiste. Both the parish and the school was re-named Holy Trinity.  Since that time, we have achieved many new goals while maintaining our high standard of excellence. We have received our latest accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in 2013. Holy Trinity School will apply for re-accreditation in the year 2023.  We continue to take a Pro-active approach to improving all aspects of our school.

We aim to instill a desire for knowledge that engages students in productive learning in an atmosphere of safety and trust. With flexibility and responsiveness to many diversified needs, we wish to share the charity to which we are called.

Located at 64 Lamphor Street in Fall River, Massachusetts, Holy Trinity School is a Catholic Parochial School which strives to educate and prepare children to assume their roles in church and society. As a faith community, we are challenged to live in word and deed the Gospel Message and integrate effectively faith and learning. Our role, in collaboration with parents, is to foster moral development and spiritual and educational growth in an atmosphere of Christian love and respect. A Catholic Christian vision and values permeate the curriculum and the school programs. Children are active in daily prayer, liturgical programs and service activities. These service activities focus attention and participation in various ways to help the needy during the holidays and as needs arise during the course of the year.

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