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Holy Trinity School maintains a technology lab of 30 computers, grades 4-8 are 1 on 1 with Chromebook, grade 3 iPads, grade 2 Samsung tablets. Grades PreK, K and 1st share iPads and middle school has kindles. Every classroom had webcams for remote learning, interactive projectors, Smartboards/  promethean boards. In the computer lab we have a3D printer in the lab that is used by different classes throughout the year.

The acquisition of a SmartBoard for all the classrooms, has allowed the children access to the latest technology. The SmartBoard is an interactive whiteboard that is connected to a computer and a data projector. Once the computer image is projected on the board, the SmartBoard can be used as a computer. By just using your finger you can control the computer.

The use of the SmartBoard captures the attention of the students and allows the teacher access to the most current information which is instantly displayed on the screen.

Every grade has weekly technology class where Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, CODE and Google Docs are taught. Students become skilled at web-based research as they use additional technology classes to do project work that supports classroom learning. The lab is available to all students who need help gathering information for reports and projects that are assigned throughout the year. The technology curriculum also includes hardware instruction.

The Internet Safety program provided by I-safe is used in the Pre-K through the 8th grade.

Safety Information Links 


Internet Keep Safe Coalition 

i-SAFE for Parents
NetSmartz Workshop for Parents
Cyberbullying Information 
Help Delete Online Predators 

Tech Program

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