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PreK - Kindergarten


Holy Trinity Preschool program strives to meet the needs and development of each child through hands on exploration, play, and activities. The developmentally appropriate curriculum teaches children skills and concepts through dramatic play, storytelling, books, discussions, projects, circle time, and in class Smart Board activities. Children participate in classes of Music, Art, Computer, Portuguese, and Physical Education, which are taught by our specialists.


Faith formation is instilled by daily Religion class, prayer; both formal and spontaneous, and working together in the classroom as part of God’s family. Preschool children have fourth grade prayer partners, who walk them back and forth to school Mass. The two classes work together on special projects.

Holy Trinity Preschool program offers each individual child a safe and nurturing place to grow in all areas of development; spiritual, cognitive, physical and social- emotional. We provide enhancement activities that challenge the children and help them reach their full potential and a positive sense of accomplishment.

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