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At Holy Trinity School, we strive to instill Catholic values, such as compassion and responsibility into our students. Our faculty and staff provide an education rooted in Christ that is second to none. We pray that the education we share with our students will allow them to grow deeper in their faith, morality and life in Christ. We ask God's blessing on our every intention and effort.

Sincerely yours,

Brenda Gagnon


Weekly Notes

Good Afternoon,

Happy first week of Advent! The excitement has started and the joy of the season is being seen and heard all over the school. This is one of the biggest joys for me this time of year. I love the excitement that is bubbling all around the building.


It is also that time of year where I let you know that the teachers and I are so blessed to have your children with us everyday. With that said, we ask that if you are planning on giving the staff a token of appreciation at Christmas to think about making a donation to someone in need instead. We have so much and there are so many who have nothing. Please pick a charity of your choice, a family member or maybe your family needs the extra this year. We are holding a Christmas Toy drive again this year so maybe that is your donation instead. If you can’t think of anything then consider making a donation to the school. Whatever you choose it will make us happy knowing that your blessings are being spread around.


I continue to pray that you are finding time as individuals and as families to celebrate the season of Advent…and preparing your hearts for Jesus.


There are many activities going on during the month so please make sure you are checking the list of dates on the right and that you are reading the notes carefully.

Have a great week!


Mrs. Gagnon


The office of safe environment would like us to CORI all of our volunteers over the summer. If you did not renew your CORI this year or have never been CORI’ed before we are asking that you do so by Thursday, June 15th. This is going to be the cut off for NEXT YEAR’S volunteers. They will not accept renewals throughout the year anymore. 

If you did renew this year you will be all set for next year. Please call Mrs. Soares with any questions. 


Order forms are going home today in the Tuesday envelope.

Order forms and money are due back by Monday, December 11th.

*Please know that this year every family will be allowed 2 tickets to start.  Tickets are $5.00 per ticket. Students are free and do not need a ticket.  Your money must be sent in with this order form and then you will receive your tickets. We are very limited with seats due to the venue size and how many families we have this year. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Hand designed and printed by our students. $5.00 each.

Please see the attached order form.


Please remember you can only enter the parking lot from Tucker St. You should be exiting by Field St. 

Also, please do not park in the crosswalks or the reserve parking spots. That is reserved for administration. Thank you! 

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