At Holy Trinity School, we strive to instill Catholic values, such as compassion and responsibility into our students. Our faculty and staff provide an education rooted in Christ that is second to none. We pray that the education we share with our students will allow them to grow deeper in their faith, morality and life in Christ. We ask God's blessing on our every intention and effort.

Sincerely yours,
Brenda Gagnon


Weekly Notes

Good Afternoon Everyone, 


Thursday is Thanksgiving!! The craziness of this year is weighing heavy on all of us. It is so easy to spend our energy worrying about all the things we cannot do for the holidays, worrying about new restrictions and possible closures again. The worries go on and on. This Thursday is the  most opportune time to just take a breath and spend our energy thanking God for all we have. I heard a conversation today on the radio about tough times and what techniques we use to get through them...people called in and shared their stories. It amazed me how very few said “at the worst of times I offer my anxiety and worries and tiredness to the Lord.”  This is how we get through the unexpected and sometimes crippling moments in our lives. I thank God everyday for giving me the strength and wisdom to navigate through these difficult times. I am thankful that I am able to see how he is working in my life and in those around me. I am especially thankful to see how he is working in our school community.I am thankful for the beautiful children that I have the privilege of spending my time with. I am thankful for my staff. I am thankful for a beautiful family and compassionate friends. My list goes on and on...


I pray that this Thanksgiving will be one that is filled with you being thankful….Let us thank God with the loudest of voices this year for helping us navigate through these very rough seas…..


Please note the change on the December calendar. Our Christmas vacation now starts on Friday, November 18th with a ½ day. Dismissals begin at 11:00 a.m.


Have a great week!



Mrs. Gagnon

Holy Trinity School Return-To-School Plan

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Gift Card Fundraiser

All orders and money are due by Wednesday, December 2nd. That is the only way we can get you the gift cards in time for Christmas.

This is a great way to shop this year without going into the stores. Ask you family and friends to order too


Santa’s Mailbox

Monday, November 30th our mailbox from Santa will be delivered! The children are invited to write letters to Santa. They can mail the letters and someone special will be answering them. Please check with your child’s teacher to see if they will be writing them in school or at home. If you write them at home be sure to add their full name and grade. This will be for all children who want to participate in grades PK - 5th.


Choir Notes

Wednesday, December 2nd and 9th, students in grade 4 - 7, who have been choir members, are invited to attend these special rehearsals to sing some favorite Christmas Carols. Permission slips will be available in the school office and must be signed and returned by Monday, November 30th, to Mrs. Roies. Rehearsal time will run from 2:15 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Travel Plans

I am asking families to let me know if you have travel plans. If you are visiting a “hot spot” there may be a need to self quarantine upon your return. This information is on the MassGov website. It is important for the school to have knowledge of any such plans.

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