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At Holy Trinity School, we strive to instill Catholic values, such as compassion and responsibility into our students. Our faculty and staff provide an education rooted in Christ that is second to none. We pray that the education we share with our students will allow them to grow deeper in their faith, morality and life in Christ. We ask God's blessing on our every intention and effort.

Sincerely yours,
Brenda Gagnon


Weekly Notes

Good Afternoon,

I pray everyone had a nice weekend. I want to take a moment to address the half days that the school has had this year. I have heard from some parents about the stress this causes for child care. I do apologize for the number we have had. This has not been a typical year for time off. The school had scheduled half days for the staff to work on our accreditation and then the Diocese, for the 1st time, scheduled half days for professional development. Please know I am aware of the concerns and going forward I will be conscious of trying not to place them back to back. This week the teachers will be attending a CPR/First aid certification training on Thursday. Friday the staff will attend an Active Shooter Training.  It has been awhile since we have held this kind of training. Next Friday the staff will be working on accreditation. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


I cannot stress enough the need for you to start your application for the FACE scholarship. The first applications to be completed will get first shot at assistance. Waiting to start and then complete the application will hurt you in the long run. Please see the link in today's notes.


I have had many questions regarding chaperones and Bowling.  As long as your CORI is up to date you are able to attend. We are all looking forward to it .


Mrs. Gagnon


Please remember you can only enter the parking lot from Tuckers St. You should be exiting by Field St. 

Also, please do not park in the reserve parking spots. That is reserved for administration. Thank you! 

The 2023-24 FACE Scholarship
Application is OPEN!!

FACE is pleased to advise that the application for 

2023-24 scholarships is now open! 

STAR KIDS recipients please remember to apply as well.

Please contact the office if you need assistance.


Our lost and found bin is very full. If your child is missing an item please consider checking the bin.

All unclaimed items will be donated at the end of the year


Please remember lunch orders need to be in by Friday. Students who bring in orders the following week or on the day they are ordering will receive a ham sandwich. There have been too many lunch orders coming on late. These are orders we did not plan on.

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